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4.2 ( 432 ratings )
Spil Action Arkade
Forfatter: The Pool Factory S.R.L.

Whats more annoying than a cowboy who keeps distracting you from your favorite hobby? A cowboy who also wants you dead!

Grumpy Bull has had enough of this. Help him repel the attack and save Mexico from the invaders. Grab your trusty Tomahawk, aim and… throw! Be quick, though. Enemy bullets travel fast.

With a custom-built graphic engine and realistic effects, youre in for a serious challenge and a ton of fun.

Youll follow Grumpy Bull and the other characters across a variety of levels, ranging from filthy saloons to secret alien outposts, and from the gritty frontiers of Mexico to the deep ocean.

On your path youll find guns, throwable items, explosives and many other weapons. Take your pick wisely, sharpen your reflexes and be ready to travel across space and time.

The Wild West needs a hero. Since theyre nowhere to be found, its up to you. How!